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Davids 25 Tolman Skiff Jumbo Project
  Three generations building Renn Tolman's Jumbo Skiff  Visit | Window

Denman Marine
  Traditional and modern Timber construction  Visit | Window

Designing and Building a Sailing Canoe
  Designing and building a 2 man lug yawl sailing canoe using free resources available on the net.  Visit | Window

Devlin Boat
  Devlin Boat designs and builds wooden boats utilizing the stitch-and-glue method of construction. We offer plans, books and videos for the home boat builder.  Visit | Window

Dillon Racing
  I have plans for the Dillon Mini racing tunnel boat for sale. Info and support for Mini GT racing and boat racing generally.  Visit | Window

DIY Boat Building Plans
  Get access to over 200 professional boat plans with step-by-step instructions.  Visit | Window

DIY Boats Blog
  DIY Boats Blog is a how-to blog for power and sailboat owners that focuses entirely on boat maintenance, repairs, installations and special projects that the owners can do them selfes. Whether you are new to boating or have many miles under the keel, DIY Boats Blog is a source of reliable information fo you.  Visit | Window

DIY Wood Boat
  A resource to encourage others to build, restore and maintain their own wooden boats.  Visit | Window

DM Marine Design
  Set up to exhibit sail and motor boat designs, develop software and offer services to the marine industry. Free and affordable design and analysis software is available for download from DMMD. Details on our other services are also available on our website  Visit | Window

  A repository of hand built boat projects compiled by a retired wooden boat building professional.  Visit | Window

Douglas Brooks Boatbuilding
  A site devoted to Japanese boatbuilding, and traditional boats and glued lapstrake construction  Visit | Window

Boats For Sale
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