the Boatbuilding Ring

  French website on amateur woodenboatbuilding and boatdesign  Visit | Window

bernarda 10 piedi
  HOW TO BUILD A "BERNARDA 10-foot" IN YOUR LIVING ROOM AT 400 m height and 30 km from the sea  Visit | Window

Bertram31.Com has been born in an effort to bring about a central meeting point on the web devoted almost exclusively to this wonderful little boat.  Visit | Window

Bloomfield Innovation - Naval Architects
  Leading multihull naval architect, specializing in sailing and motor catamaran yachts and commercial vessels. Former lead designer at Crowther with licence to use and develop Crowther technology.  Visit | Window

Boat Covers Bimini Tops
  Canvas for all your Boats needs.  Visit | Window

Boat Number One
  My first boatbuilding project, the Sam Devlin's design "Sandpiper"  Visit | Window
  Custom Boat Lettering & Graphics. Online Font Pre-View! Secure Shopping.  Visit | Window

Boatbuilding on a tight budget
  This is my blog/jurnal of my boat building adventures  Visit | Window

Bristol 29 A Restoration Site
  This is a restoration stie for a Bristol 29 hull #165.  Visit | Window

Buck Woodcraft, Inc.
  Florida Keys-based provider of marine lumber, plywoods & plastics, custom woodworking services, and specialized marine products.  Visit | Window

Building a 7 foot Apple Pie Pram Tender
  A step by step description of my build of Chuck Merrel's "Apple Pie" pram tender. It is based on Atkins Rinky Dink.  Visit | Window

Building a WestSail 42 from a Bare Hull
  The adventures of building a WestSail42 from a bare hull.  Visit | Window

Building an Aluminum Riverboat
  Documentation of steps in design, construction and building of a canal boat in aluminium. A backyard boat building couple presents images and abstracts around the project. Written mostly in german, but we will try to translate to english step by step  Visit | Window

Building Luna
  Chronicles an unhandy woman's adventure in building a 30' wooden cutter on the dusty Texas Mexico border.  Visit | Window

Building of the Elorn canoe
  Building of the Sail and row canoe Elorn. Self made traditional hand sewed sails. French and English site  Visit | Window

Building the Glen-L Hot Rod
  This web site chronicles the construction of a Glen-L Marine Designs 17' V-drive ski boat. This 1960's style boat will be powered by a 283 cubic inch Chevrolet small block V8.  Visit | Window


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