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A Boatbuilding Journal
  Watch me build "Dipper" a 16ft working boat designed by Sam Devlin.  Visit | Window

Adam's Nautical Site
  A Gulfcoast towboat pilot builds small boats with info on towboats.  Visit | Window

Aegean Yacht
  AEGEAN YACHT has been designing, building and selling turn key yachts in Turkey since 1976.  Visit | Window

Albatross' Adventure
  I'm building a McNaughton "Penny", it's a 26' heavy displacement junk.  Visit | Window
  Site for builders and owners of Oughtred Eun Mara sailboats.  Visit | Window
  A site for all amateur boat builders, whatever boat, wherever in the world they may be  Visit | Window

American Sternwheel Association
  Helping to preserve that precious bit of Americana, the Paddlewheel Riverboat'  Visit | Window

Anest Yachts
  Custom boatbuilder in Long Island, NY, specializing in traditional and classic looking boats.  Visit | Window

Ashes Still Water Boats
  Bespoke canoes, wherrys and whitehalls. Hand crafted from locally sourced and recovered materials. Designed and built by Trevor Paetkau in Stratford, Ontario.  Visit | Window

Boats For Sale
Sailboat : Powerboat

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