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Timeless Boat Works
  Builder of small traditional wooden boats of timeless design  Visit | Window
  Visual collection of boat items, from new products to old art.  Visit | Window
  Leather Products for the Mairine Environment  Visit | Window
Craft a Craft
  Boat design, home building, and cruising in a nutshell  Visit | Window
Yashka - A 60ft Wooden Sailship
  Yashka is a an oceangoing boat to be rigged up to resemble the 18th century Mediterranean pirate ship Bombarda. 60ft long and 20ft wide, she is built entirely of wood with copper and brass fastenings.  Visit | Window
Y.A.T. - Yet Another Trinado
  A amateur design/building project of a 6,4m trimaran based on a tornado sail rig  Visit | Window
Koopmans 28 Daysailer
  Showing the Koopmans 28 Daysailer, to be sold as a semi custom yacht.  Visit | Window
Devlin Boat
  Devlin Boat designs and builds wooden boats utilizing the stitch-and-glue method of construction. We offer plans, books and videos for the home boat builder.  Visit | Window
  Aluminium boat design and building company situated in the Fiji Islands. General welding and fabrication.  Visit | Window
Shipmate Boating Accessories
  Marine Accessories on line store where you can find great quality marine fittings and accessories from snap extensions,Bimini fittings,dock line holder,custom grill covers,duffel bags,for your boat  Visit | Window
Building my PAthfinder
  Build of the Welsford pathfinder  Visit | Window
Pocket Cruiser Guide
  This site is intended to be a guide to those who are seeking to buy, build, or sail a pocket cruising sailboat.  Visit | Window
Jordan Boats
  Details of our services - Wooden Boat building, and CNC Routing of plywood planks, frames, and moulds at (we think) reasonable prices.  Visit | Window
Bakri Cono Boat Bulding and Chandlery
  Bakri Cono is based in Thailand, Indonesia and Dubai with 4 factories able to produce from 15ft to 80ft Catamaran and Monohull. We also run a Chandlery shop with High quality stock.  Visit | Window
  A community boatshop in Portland,OR. Spearheading development of a Willamette Ferry system, based on the historic Crater Lake tour launches. Boat building classes and educational programs. Sponsors the Portland Wooden Boat Show. RiversWest is a non-profit membership organization in Portland, Oregon, for people who love handcrafted boats. The mission of RiversWest, Inc. is to encourage the personal involvement in the building, recreational use and history of low-impact boats.  Visit | Window
Chine bLog
  Chine bLog is a collection of thoughts and opinions on the greatest of boats - the small, the tradition-inspired, the wooden, and the naturally powered - brought to you by lifelong boater and dabbling designer / builder Tim Shaw.  Visit | Window
The Quiet Harbor - Robert Dance
  In my opinion, the most beautiful lobsterboats have been built here by Will Frost, Alvin Beal, Harold Gower and Willis single out only a few in a tradition that has lasted since 1914.  Visit | Window
Building a 15 1/2 Foot Sailing Skiff
  Building and sailing Ken Swan's "Sunshine" A 15 1/2 foot skiff with a standing lug rig.  Visit | Window
Douglas Brooks Boatbuilding
  A site devoted to Japanese boatbuilding, and traditional boats and glued lapstrake construction  Visit | Window
Marine Associates
  Maufacturer of underwater marine hardware (shafts,struts, rudders, ports, shaftlogs etc. for boat builders of any size.  Visit | Window
The Great Sea
  Description and photos of a Bolger sharpie and the building of a bolger catamaran.  Visit | Window
Building a Foam Core Power Boat
  Here I am going to report on my adventures while building a state of the art power boat. I intend to make the site as instructive as possible.  Visit | Window
Ocean Limo
  Ocean Limo plans to revolutionize the power catamaran and luxury yacht markets with the introduction of this new line of power and wavepiercer catamarans. Ocean Limo is working with an award winning Craig Loomes Design Group to create a new category of power and wavepiercer catamarans.  Visit | Window
Cowichan Bay Maritime Centre
  Cowichan Wooden Boat Society is a non-profit organization whose mandate is the preservation of British Columbia's Maritime History. To this end we run a Maritime Museum and offer traditional wooden boat building courses in Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Membership is only $20.00Cdn/year and part of our museum exhibit is live -- members working on restorations in our very active workshop! 2005 is our 20th anniversary so we are having a series of monthly speakers and workshops. Check out or Upcoming Events page to see what's next!  Visit | Window
The Duno
  Historical photos and anecdotes of the building of a wooden 'Runabout' motor boat in 1912 in Holland.  Visit | Window
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