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J.B.'s Boatyard
  John Bell's Boatyard: Information about my boatbuilding projects including a Bolger Windsprint, and a Michalak SportDory.  Visit | Window
Boatbuilding on a tight budget
  This is my blog/jurnal of my boat building adventures  Visit | Window
Building a WestSail 42 from a Bare Hull
  The adventures of building a WestSail42 from a bare hull.  Visit | Window
Mikkelsen Båtbyggeri
  Norwegian boatbuilder and design/Engineering office with some english pages.  Visit | Window
Mark V Designs
  Building a 39' sharpie houseboat and other projects.  Visit | Window
Society of Boat and Yacht Designers
  Official site for Society of Boat and Yacht Designers, dedicated to professionals in small craft design and construction fields.  Visit | Window
Boat Number One
  My first boatbuilding project, the Sam Devlin's design "Sandpiper"  Visit | Window
Amateur Steel Boat Building
  Covers all aspects of steel boat building; multi-chine, radius-chine, frameless method etc.  Visit | Window
  Custom Boat Lettering & Graphics. Online Font Pre-View! Secure Shopping.  Visit | Window
  this site describes our homebuilt Bolger design, Diablo  Visit | Window
Argo Design
  Cad Design  Visit | Window
  A crank-handle type towbar for moving boats.  Visit | Window
Sternwheel Riverboat Harbor
  Help for those who wish to build a sternwheel powered riverboat.  Visit | Window
PocketCat Catamaran
  Plans for the home builder for a trailerable 18.5' catamaran with a cuddy cabin and a double bunk for overnight trips.  Visit | Window
Boat Covers Bimini Tops
  Canvas for all your Boats needs.  Visit | Window
Keith Callaghan - Sailboat Designer
  Keith Callaghan has a portfolio of self-build sports trailer-sailer designs from 5.5 metres to 7 metres LOA and also high performance sailing dinghies.  Visit | Window
Ron's Boats
  Boat building for fun.  Visit | Window
Dasein, Pearson Triton 668
  This site details the restoration, upgrading, and cruising of a Pearson Triton, a classic 28 foot fiberglass sloop.  Visit | Window
prospector sailing canoe build
  build project of a 15'6 Selway Fisher Prospector Stitch and Tape Canoe  Visit | Window
Spirit, building and sailing a Glen-L Tango
  Here you will find screenshots of building and sailing a small pocket cruiser designed by Glen-L.  Visit | Window
  Site where builders and users of wooden boats can create project blogs and voyage blogs for their boats.  Visit | Window
  Let us take the weight off your shoulders...... ......and put it in the keel of your boat. Depending on your specific project, we have the right lead product for you.  Visit | Window
Journal of building a 17ft yacht
  Journal of building a 17ft yacht, next project a 35 to 45ft ocean going yacht.  Visit | Window
History of shipbuilding - Links
  History of shipbuilding, shipbuilders and ships.Extensive link list.  Visit | Window
Jammer Boat and Canoe
  Fiberglass hybrid canoes  Visit | Window
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