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The Boatbuilding Ring connects boatbuilders, designers, and boatbuilding projects on the web. As a supplement to traditional directories, the Boatbuilding Ring provides an easy and enjoyable way to discover and surf between boatbuilding, boat design, and boatbuilding resource sites of interest. Boatbuilding and boat design projects, boatbuilders, marine architects, boat design software, books, and resources are examples of sites which qualify to join the ring.

If you would like to join the Boatbuilding Ring, simply fill out the following form and then insert the html code you receive into your homepage. After adding the Ring code to your page, please let us know. We will review your site for quality, relevance, and proper code insertion, and will then make your site active in the ring. Once your site is active, visitors will be able to travel to your page from all sites within the ring.

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