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Westcoast Sail and Canvas
  A small Vancouver Island sail loft with experience in small boat sail design and construction. Top quality and personal service from sailmaker Brenda Thompson  Visit | Window
3 small boats
  Building the Glen-L Foamee and two sea kayaks.  Visit | Window
Proa Dory Page
  Proa Dory Page An add-on to my Gloucester Light Dory to have a sail boat. The proa design is supposed to be an efficient boat. I have added an outrigger, lee board, rudder, and sail. It is a blast  Visit | Window
LeisureCat Power Catamarans Australia
  Builders of the exciting range of LeisureCat and AussieCat customised power catamarans for fishing, diving, charter, police and rescue groups.  Visit | Window
Two boat building projects
  Two amateur projects - a 15 foot sailing dinghy for cruising and an experimental hydrofoil sailing dinghy  Visit | Window
Construyendo un Bote
  Historia de construcción casera de un bote o dinghy de 2.3mt  Visit | Window
Wiggers Custom Yachts Ltd.
  Wiggers Custom Yatchs Ltd., Port Darlington, Ontario, Canada  Visit | Window
Haven Builders Web Site
  For amateur builders of Joel White's Haven 12 1/2 sailboat  Visit | Window
Propeller design software
  Speed prediction and propeller selection for high performance outboard and I/O hulls. Complete database of all major outboard specs; calculates effects of propeller "cupping", "slip"; easy "dial-in" RPM settings; engine gear ratios are built in by selecting motor from database  Visit | Window
Amateur Boatbuilder's Page
  Basic information on boatbuilding materials and methods  Visit | Window
free boat plans for everyone
  An attempt to enhance the free plans to the Sea Angler and to enable an easy resource that can remain free for others to use  Visit | Window
Poolvos Restauratie-site
  The unended story of the restoration of the Poolvos, a 1922 Amsterdam build one-off cruiser. Mutch interesting boatbuilding stuff as well.  Visit | Window
Marine Movers Boat Transport
  We transport boats of all sizes anywhere. We are licensed and insured. Call toll free 1-866-428-5262 for quote.  Visit | Window
Centreboard Marine
  A site dedicated to the promotion of small boats, especially of the sailing variety.  Visit | Window
Adam's Nautical Site
  A Gulfcoast towboat pilot builds small boats with info on towboats.  Visit | Window
Marigraph Design & Solutions
  MARIGRAPH offers solutions for visualization of ship design and engineering in the maritime sector. Our main focus is on graphical presentation of ships using 3D-computer models. We create presentations of any scale in any media based on your individual needs.  Visit | Window
J R Godwin Dinghy Design
  Godwin dinghies are for the connoisseur who delights in a shapely and useful dinghy. The dinghies range in size from 1.8 to 5.0m and are tried and proven in all kinds of sea conditions over thirty seven years. Designed primarily for easy rowing – especially when heavily laden – the dinghies can also be used with outboard motors.  Visit | Window
Synergy Boatworks
  Synergy Boatworks specializes in designing and building unique canoes and kayaks.  Visit | Window
Sailfish Yacht Analyzer
  Sailing Yacht performance analysis software. Comparison of a specific desing against statistics, creating VPP Polars  Visit | Window
Boats auction, boat parts and accessories
  cheap boats, boat parts and accessories. Some boats by make auctions  Visit | Window
History & Design of Propellers
  The "History & Design of Propellers" e-book presents a detailed accounting of how the first "screw" applications were invented, and how they led to early ship propulsion. Outlining "How a Propeller Works", parts and functions of a properly designed propeller, including material selection and "advanced propping" techniques is outlined. This is a "must have" e-book for serious boaters, designers and enthusiasts that have "a need to know".  Visit | Window
DIY Plans: Digital Marketing USA
  Plans and products to explore our world by air, on-land and underwater.  Visit | Window
Connemara Catamarans
  Building a 48' Derek Kelsall catamaran.  Visit | Window
East Hill Boat Shop
  East Hill Boat Shop restores and custom builds fine wooden boats  Visit | Window
S/V Barbara Ann
  Construction and design details of a custom 57' Aerorig sloop.  Visit | Window
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