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  Site for builders and owners of Oughtred Eun Mara sailboats.  Visit | Window
Home Built Boat Blog
  The Bethea family's Boat Building Blog  Visit | Window
Bristol 29 A Restoration Site
  This is a restoration stie for a Bristol 29 hull #165.  Visit | Window
Mike Waller Yacht Design
  Supplier of quality boat plans specifically designed for amateur boatbuilders. Catamarans and Monohulls, sailing and power boats.  Visit | Window
Response Marine, Inc.
  Design and sourcing services for welded aluminum power boats 16-68'.  Visit | Window
  R&D about : boat building, boating, sailing, kiting, sculling...  Visit | Window
History of Tunnel Boat Design
  The "History of Tunnel Boat Design" book presents the best detailed accounting of how we got these high performance hulls from the unpredictable risky boats to the super fast handlers of today. With 200 mph now in reach, the design relationships with aerodynamics and hydrodynamics will let you achieve the ultimate in your tunnel hull design - but you need to know how and why your boat works like it does. This book relates how the best marine designers of their day, worked their way through the difficulties presented by these complex hull designs. This is a "must have" collector book for serious boat designers or enthusiasts  Visit | Window
Cap'n John's Boat Lettering
  Design your boat lettering online with our boat name preview. Lots of creative fonts, colors and effects to choose from. It's easy and fun.  Visit | Window
Wind and wet
  Boat, weather and wind turbine projects and resources  Visit | Window
Glacier Boats of Alaska
  Our boats burn less fuel, yet are seaworthy, attractive, and easy for anyone to build.  Visit | Window
Island Teak Importing & Milling Burma Teak fo
  Island Teak importing and milling Burma Teak. Specializing in boat decking for the marine industry.  Visit | Window
Polish Boat Builder
  site of smart boatbuilder  Visit | Window
Powerboats and Tunnelboat Design
  Sharing of high performance tricks and secrets, including the Tunnel Boat Performance Newsletter, 'Tunnel Boat Design Program' boat design software, the 'Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design' book, 'History of Tunnel Boat Design' book, 'History and Design of Propellers' book and 'Propworks2' software.  Visit | Window
Building a 7 foot Apple Pie Pram Tender
  A step by step description of my build of Chuck Merrel's "Apple Pie" pram tender. It is based on Atkins Rinky Dink.  Visit | Window
Michael Storer Design
  Wooden Boat Plans that are simple to build from Australia. Australia's strong heritage of light, fast and elegant boats is reflectedn a range of boats for Sail, Power, Oar and Paddle  Visit | Window
  Welcome by JF Yachting - Experience our passion for wooden boats.We build fast, comfortable and custum made wooden sail boats for an affordable price. Welkom bij JF Yachting! We bouwen snelle, comfortabele en op maat geleverde zeiljachten voor een concurrerende prijs en optimale service. We willen enthousiaste en tevreden klanten.  Visit | Window
  French website on amateur woodenboatbuilding and boatdesign  Visit | Window
Odyssey Yachts
  Aluminum sailing yacht builders. Currently building Dix 43 Pilothouse cutter.  Visit | Window
Bloomfield Innovation - Naval Architects
  Leading multihull naval architect, specializing in sailing and motor catamaran yachts and commercial vessels. Former lead designer at Crowther with licence to use and develop Crowther technology.  Visit | Window
Conalls Boat Build
  Conall building a 44' steel trawler in his barn  Visit | Window
The Big Sailboat Project
  After years of planning, we are finally building our sailboat, a 43' Bruce Roberts Cutter. Come see the pics!  Visit | Window
  Home of the Philippine Home Boatbuilders Yacht Club, the Philippines’ first and only virtual yacht club. Where home boatbuilders in the Philippines come together  Visit | Window
Vertigo: A 26 foot racing sailboat
  My adventures building a ply cored epoxy racing sailboat.  Visit | Window
Building an Aluminum Riverboat
  Documentation of steps in design, construction and building of a canal boat in aluminium. A backyard boat building couple presents images and abstracts around the project. Written mostly in german, but we will try to translate to english step by step  Visit | Window
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