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HV Boat Projects
  Lots of free small boat designs with plans and building instructions.  Visit | Window
SeaGoat On Line
  Building 36' GRP Spray by Bruce Roberts  Visit | Window
Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design
  The development of the tunnel and V bottoms are interestingly chronicled, with detailed explanations of hull design, function, potential, and characteristics. This book also details ten design steps for analysis of hull performance and stability showing how the calculations are accurately performed, as well as providing detailed information about their relation to hull performance. The ten steps range from layout design dimensions, calculating lift and drag, power calculations, and stability.  Visit | Window
Glen-L Amigo
  A site for current and potential Amigo owners.  Visit | Window
Metal Boat Kits offers steel and aluminum boats from recognized designers in kit form.  Visit | Window
Building the Ellipticat
  The cnostruction of an experimental 15' x 6'6" gaff-rigged catboat, in excrutiating detail  Visit | Window
Kris' Boatbuilding Adventures
  The building of an OSS and the dream of more.. or something equally cheeze ;-)  Visit | Window
Stoney Creek Wooden Boat Shop
  Old world and new world come together at the Stoney Creek Wooden Boat Shop. Small wooden boats for rowing and sailing are traditional in their design but employ modern methods and materials in their construction  Visit | Window
A Fletcher Marine
  Suppliers of stainless steel fasteners, fittings, tube and sheet material. World wide mail order. No minimum quantities.  Visit | Window
Building a D5 Dinghy
  I created this page to share info about the D5 dinghy that I built in my garden. These pages include info about the construction process.  Visit | Window
H4 Marine
  Suppliers of new drive protection systems  Visit | Window
  Founded in 1967 by a collection of individuals who shared a passion for building and sailing small boats.  Visit | Window
  Harryproa is an innovative Rob Denney designed proa series combining space, speed and low cost with the ease of building and handling so you'll get the most boat for the least cost.  Visit | Window
New Boatbuilders Home Page
  A site for boatbuilders, prospective boatbuilders and amateur boatbuilders to find the regulations and standards that apply to recreational boats. A source for information on design and building of boats.  Visit | Window
  Power Boat Rebuild PICS Power Boat Rebuild PICS2 Hobie Cat Sailing CAPE SANBLAS  Visit | Window
New Boatbuilding Method
  New Boat Building Method. A new application of sandwich core material, in a very fast an inexpensive way. Include the history of a real case building a 33 foot sail boat. This method spend ½ in materials ( ultra light hull) and take 1/3 the time in relation with the traditional way.  Visit | Window
Morozov Yachts - Custom Aluminium Yachts
  Custom aluminium cruising yachts and motorsailers for unlimited cruising  Visit | Window
Boatplans by Bertil Andersson
  A large number of line drawings of small traditional wooden boats from Sweden. All drawings on the site are for sale, and have all been taken from existing boats still in use, placed in a museum or taken from a "wreck" and reconstructed. Prices range from 10 to 35 USD per boat. With most drawings there is a list of all material, with suggested dimensions.  Visit | Window
Retro Boats
  Re-manufacturing classic boats of the late 50's with updated technology & materials  Visit | Window
Rorys Marine Canvas
  Custom manufacturer of all soft goods for yachts to mega-yachts in the Ft. Lauderdale area.  Visit | Window
  Specialist woodcarvers for the yacht market and maritime environments. producing nameboards, trailboards, figureheads,interior decoration, restoration work and research for replica  Visit | Window
KMN Designs
  Small boat designs for folks with modest means and modest dreams  Visit | Window
Lady Slipper
  Lady Slipper A14' whitehall row/sail boat Also oar blades  Visit | Window
Building the Lynx 14
  The building of the Lynx 14ft pocket cruiser, a ply and epoxy design.  Visit | Window
Techni-Survey, Expert maritime plaisance
  Cabinet d'expert maritime spécialiste de la plaisance. Toutes expertises techniques et/ou en valeur; assistance; médiation. Contrôles osmose et par ultrasons. Services online: devis gratuit, réglementation, repertoire web formalités. France et étranger  Visit | Window
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